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Establishment of Sugarcane based Custom Hiring Centre



  • ✴ To increase the net income of the farmers by mechanizing the sugarcane cultivation.
  • ✴ To encourage the farmers to use the Agricultural Machinery and Implements in sugarcane cultivation from seed bed
  •      preparation to harvesting and residue management.

Funding Pattern

  • ✴ Union Government 60%
  • ✴ State Government 40%

Benefits offered (Subsidy)

  • ✴ 40% subsidy assistance amounting to a maximum permissible subsidy amount of Rs.60 lakh for a total project cost
  •      of Rs.150 lakh per Sugarcane based Custom Hiring Centre.

Project Area

  • ✴ All districts (Except Chennai)

Details of Works

  • ✴ Providing Establishment of Sugarcane based Custom Hiring Centres


  • ✴ Entrepreneurs in coordination with sugar mills.

Officer to be approached

  • ✴ Assistant Executive Engineer (AE)'s in the concerned project districts.
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