Welcome to Agricultural Engineering Department

State Agricultural Machinery Information Data Centre

  • “State Agricultural Machinery Information Data Centre (SAMIDC)” is an unique of its kind in India as well as in the World, it has been established at the Agricultural Engineering Department complex at 487, Anna Salai, Nandhanam, Chennai – 600035 and this centre is functioning with the objectives of “Promotion of Agricultural Mechanization and to disseminate the labour-saving Agricultural Engineering Technologies among the farmers and motivating them to adopt the improved Agricultural Technology”. 
  • It also serves as a guiding centre on Agricultural mechanization for farmers and as a Agricultural Mechanization hub for the general public. This centre endowed with Agricultural Machinery and implements from all over the country in different forms such as Live Machinery Gallery, Mock up models, Photo Gallery, Audio Visuals covering the Agricultural mechanization technology. 
  • In this State Agricultural Machinery Information Data Centre, various types of Agricultural Machinery, Implements, Equipment and Working models which are displayed to illustrate the following Agricultural Engineering Technologies: 
    • i) Various models of Tractors and Power Tillers 
    • ii) Various Agricultural Operation Machinery and Implements 
    • iii) Value Addition and Post-Harvest Management Machinery 
    • iv) Micro Irrigation and Agricultural Machinery Equipment Stalls 
    • v) Indigenous Technical Knowledge Tools 
    • vi) Renewable Energy Technologies 
  • This centre also Promotes “Farm Tech Tourism” through the educational institutions in order to create awareness about various Agricultural Machinery and Implements, Value Addition Machinery and Renewable Energy especially among the school childrens and impart knowledge to rural artisans in developing location specific implements.
  • This centre is open to the farmers and the general public free of charge.
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