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River Valley Project (RVP)



  • ✴ Prevention and control of soil loss and Prevention of land degradation by watershed management in the catchments to reduce sedimentation of multipurpose reservoirs.
  • ✴ Improvement of land capability and moisture regime in the watersheds.

Funding Pattern

  • ✴ Union Government – 60 %
  • ✴ State Government - 40 %

Benefits offered (Subsidy)

  • ✴ Soil and water conservation measures are executed in community lands with 100 % grant.
  • ✴ Works to individual farmers are executed with 50 % subsidy.

Project Area

  • ✴ Project area of the selected watersheds in South Pennaiyar and Mettur Catchments in Krishnagiri and Erode Districts

Details of Works

  • ✴ Drainage Line Treatment works
  • ✴ Water Harvesting Structures
  • ✴ Silt Detention Structures
  • ✴ Land Development activities


  • ✴ All the farmers in the project areas of the selected watersheds in South Pennaiyar and Mettur catchments.

Officer to be approached

  • ✴ Assistant Executive Engineer (AE)'s in the concerned project districts.
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