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Agricultural Engineering Training Centre

Agricultural Engineering Training Centre (AETC) is functioning at Tiruchirappalli since February 1982. AETC at present is headed by an Executive Engineer (AE) with three AE(AE) / JE’s as Technical staff.

Functional Duties of AETC
  • To impart in-service training to the Technical personnel on the various sectors and schemes of Agricultural Engineering Department (AED).
  • To enhance and update the Technical knowledge of the personnel by incorporating the latest developments in the field of Agricultural Engineering.
  • Training Farmers on various schemes implemented by AED and newly developed farm technologies.
  • Training Rural Youth on Maintenance of Agricultural Machineries and Equipments


Training programmes for Engineers, Technical & Ministerial Staffs 
  • Agriclutural Mechanisation under SMAM & NADP, DBT Portal , Geo tagging of Assets and Online reporting of Scheme works
  • Soil Conservation  & Water Harvesting Structures in SADP, RVP. Preparation of Proposals for KAGOVVT
  • Post Harvest Technologies and Value Addition 
  • Land Development & MI Machineries and Newly Purchased Agricultural machinery and implements
  • Green Energy techniques / Solar Pump , Solar Drier and  Solar Fencing
  • Building Construction and Other Civil Works
  • GIS and GPS applications
  • Scrutinising Estimates, Tender process, Execution of Agreements, Aprroval of Completion Reports, Reporing and Documentation
  • Special Schemes implemented by AED (RPS, HKKP - GWI)
  • Office Administration and IFHRMS
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