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Installation of Solar Fencing Units



  • ✴ To avoid the conflict between human and animals.
  • ✴ To protect the crops in agricultural land of the farmers from animals like Wild boar, Bison, Deer,
  •      Elephant etc., Solar fencing units are to be provided with subsidy assistance.

Funding Pattern

  • ✴ Union Government - 60%,
  • ✴ State Government - 40%

Benefits offered (Subsidy)

  • ✴ 40% of the total cost of the Solar fencing unit will be directly paid to the farmer’s account as back ended subsidy.

Project Area

  • ✴ All districts (Except Chennai)

Details of Works

  • ✴ Normal type of Solar Fencing Units with 5 lines, 7 lines and 10 lines of fence wire for all animals excluding elephants.
  • ✴ A special Hanging type of Solar Fencing units with 5 lines, 7 lines and 10 lines for all animals including elephants.


  • ✴ All  farmers.

Officer to be approached

  • ✴ Assistant Executive Engineer (AE)’s in the concerned project districts.
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